Wednesday May 15, 2024

Part 2, Unit 13, Conduct 8 - The Art of Following Up in Talk Show Conversation

Live Online Radio Conversation: Unit 13, Conduct 8 - Following Up In Online Radio Conversation with Devesh Mothilall, Frans Rammutla and Sam Tsima. They are here to unpack the art of engaging in talk show conversations, a highly relevant topic to your profession. Its basis is LISTENING SKILLS! Most of us listen wrongly, listening to respond rather than listening to understand and empathise. This is why our responses are often off-tangent. This conversation continues our previous evening discussion at our TRAIN-THE-TRAINER (TTT) - Digital Online Streaming Mastery Programme. We have invited Frans Rammutla, an expert in The 7-Top Principles of Social Work, to link this topic to our conversation. This is to demonstrate that listening skills are required in all professions that require people to engage, including counselling, coaching, and holding talk show conversations. 

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