Tuesday May 28, 2024

Part 2, Unit 15, Conduct 10, Holding Debates and Arguments

Engaging in a professional debate, argument, or conversation is not a task to be taken lightly. It requires thorough preparation, a testament to your seriousness, respect, and value for your professional identity and brand. This preparation empowers you, giving you the confidence to present your views effectively and persuasively.

Identifying Appropriate Sources: The internet is a vast sea of information, but its reliability is a question mark. To establish credibility, it's crucial to compare data from multiple sources. This balance, essential for your words to be taken seriously, is maintained through sound research. Remember, your opinion should never be mistaken for fact, and your commitment to reliable sources enhances your professional image.

Establishing Credibility: It is essential to be sure of your facts. If you make even one factually incorrect statement, some people will doubt everything you say. If you want to keep the audience’s attention on what you are saying, it is advisable always to appear businesslike and efficient.

The Importance of Citations: Some groups or individuals are so trusted that citing their statements can be the deciding factor in getting people to agree with you. It is wise to go to a leading authority in the area you wish to discuss.

Being Prepared: Preparation serves several essential purposes. It is often said that those who fail to prepare, they prepare to fail. By preparing, you can look ahead to the debate and understand how it should and will go. It will also allow you to consider what difficulties may arise and have a strategy for dealing with each.

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