Thursday Apr 25, 2024

Unit 10, Conduct 5 - Checking In and Starting the Talk Show

The How To: Introduction

Introduce the channel/platform (radio, podcast, streaming platform, etc.). Refer to Unit 9, Conduct 4—Introduction of the Channel/Platform.

Introduction of yourself (the host). Refer to Unit 6, Conduct 1 – Self Introduction

Introduction of the Co-Host or Ancho. Refer to Unit 7, Conduct 2 – Introduction of the Co-Host

Introduction of the Guest. Unit 8, Conduct 3—Introducing the Guest(s). Dive into the guest's world. Let them reflect on their day and share their insights with the listeners, allowing them to connect with themselves, hear their voices, and be comfortable with the situation before starting the show. A slow build-up is suitable for the guests, mainly if featured for the first time on the channel and in the show.

Introduction of the topic or the theme. Unit 39, Conduct 34 – Sourcing Themes and Topics.

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