Tuesday Apr 30, 2024

Unit 11, Conduct 6 - Affirmation and Motivation

Global Online Streaming Mastery Show! We must be intentional in learning and applying affirmations daily until we master them, and they have become our way of being as talk show hosts and anchors. You do not just wake up and decide that you are going to affirm your guest. You must first learn the skill, acquire the competency, practice and develop the ability to apply it and gain experience until you have mastered the methodology. You must apply affirmation before, during and after the talk show. You will always come across people who need more confidence to accept your invitation to become the guests of your talk show. You should be able to apply pre-show affirmations to motivate and encourage them to take their first step. Then come the day of the show. They may be terrified to enter the studio, or in the middle of the show, they may experience a blackout. Your role as the host and anchor is to give them the necessary support. Some guests take many days post the show and have hangups due to self-judgement. This type of feeling may be damaging to your relationship with them. Please help them overcome this feeling and support them in moving forward. They must be assisted in seeing the past show as a learning opportunity and building on their experience to prepare for future shows. We call this post-show service and support. It also applies to seasoned guests of the talk shows. It is human nature to be self-critical. That is why we strive to give all the guests of the talk shows honest feedback. This includes producing the podcast of each show.

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